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Toni Blackman

Toni is an international champion of hip-hop culture, known for the irresistible, contagious energy of her performances and for her alluring female presence. She’s all heart, all rhythm, all song, all power, a one-woman revolution of poetry and microphone. An award-winning artist, her steadfast work and commitment to hip-hop led the U.S. Department of State […]

Pete O’Neal

Pete O’Neal (Mzee) was a former chairman of the Black Panther Kansas City chapter. The movement advocated for Free Health Care and Proper Housing for disadvantaged African Americans and an end to police brutality. In 1969 he was arrested for transporting a gun across state lines. He fled to Algeria and a year later to […]

Charlotte O’Neal

Charlotte O’Neal, co-founded the United African Alliance Community Center (U.A.A.C.C) in 1991 with her husband Pete O’Neal. The center is based in Imbaseni village, Arusha in Tanzania and offers a wide range of free classes for the local people. Mama C as she’s popularly known is a vocalist, writer, poet and visual artist who has […]