8 Kenyan films not to miss at PAFF

George Orwell once said ‘He who controls the past controls the future.’ The culture of a nation gives it an identity. The identity of a nation is created through the stories that have been handed down from our ancestors. In the mix of colonialism the story of Africa got twisted and someone else told our stories that resulted into a great setback because, we forgot our culture.
We start with telling our stories that gives us our identity to claim our culture and to own our past. With the increasing availability and handing down of knowledge via Books, Film, the Internet and various social media outlets ranging from Facebook to Twitter, Africa now has a bigger voice in the global village. The Spanish, the Africans, the Asians and the Americans live together in one world but each individual nation still has its history and traditions. Each one has a stake and can participate in the world culture. Ours is Kenya, and it presents eight films that will be participating in the Pan African Film Festival, taking stage in preserving our cultures throughout the world to live in harmony and diversity.

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