Rest in Power! Geronimo Ji Jaga (Pratt)

We are very saddened with the loss of one of the exemplary revolutionary leaders Geronimo Ji Jaga (Elmer Pratt). It was a great honor to us to have him impart his insight for our generation in our film Ni Wakati (It’s Time) that marked the passing of the torch to the youth.
His warm smile and wisdom he imparted will never be forgotten. Geronimo Ji Jaga became a symbol of clear-cut cases of injustice when it was proven that he was a victim of J. Edgar Hoover’s CointelPro movement that targeted African American leaders. After serving twenty seven years for being falsely accused, he rose beyond the adversity to help mentor the youth. Being the godfather of the Hip-Hop legendary artist Tupac Shakur, he took a keen interest in the progress of the youth. He inspired the youth to become something bigger than the environment they were subjected to. In conjunction with his Kuji Foundation and UAACC, he worked tirelessly to improve the conditions in Africa, where he was when he passed away. May his insight and wisdom continue inspire generations to come.

Elmer 'Geronimo' Pratt

Former Minister of Defense - Black Panther Party

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