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From the ashes of the Mau Mau in East Africa, to the Black Panthers in America, a movement arises and a generation awakens…Ni Wakati (it’s time).

Ni Wakati (It’s Time) is a story that re-introduces Africa’s rich diversity to the rest of the World, through the eyes of hip-hop’s M1 (dead prez) and Umi (P.O.W.) who travel to East Africa on a revolutionary journey of self-discovery that touch their hearts.

Follow M1 and Umi as they journey through the slums of Dandora in Kenya, where a revolutionary youth artist movement thrives and Arusha in Tanzanian where former black panthers members Mzee Pete O’Neal and Mama Charlotte O’Neal who are now community organizers. Explore the music and culture, while dispelling common myths about Africa.

Ni Wakati (It’s Time) also features interviews with Geronimo Ji Jaga, Mama Charlotte O’Neal, Davey D, Toni Blackman, Binyavanga Wainaina, Kamau Ngigi and Albert Josiah amongst others.