Charlotte O’Neal

Charlotte O’Neal, co-founded the United African Alliance Community Center (U.A.A.C.C) in 1991 with her husband Pete O’Neal. The center is based in Imbaseni village, Arusha in Tanzania and offers a wide range of free classes for the local people. Mama C as she’s popularly known is a vocalist, writer, poet and visual artist who has been performing professionally for more than twenty years and exhibiting her art work extensively since 1986. She has lived in Tanzania since 1972. Mama C was greatly influenced in her early years by the jazz, blues and gospel that Kansas City is famous for and was always surrounded by music and art in general.

As a visual artist she continues to exhibit her work around the world and as a poet and vocalist she has performed yearly since 1995, during the UAACC Heal the Community tour in cities and universities across America. Heal the Community activities encourage dialogue between youth of America and youth of Africa, The program provides the opportunity to explore their commonalities and their differences with the hope that these discussions will lead to opportunities for the building of positive contacts, experiences and empowerment.