Davey D

Davey D co-founded Hard Knock Radio on KPFA 94.1 FM an award winning daily syndicated prime-time afternoon show that focuses on Hip hop culture and politics, that he hosts and is also streamed live on KPFA.org. The show reaches close to a million listeners daily. He is also a nationally recognized journalist, adjunct professor, Hip Hop historian, syndicated talk show host, radio programmer, producer, deejay, media and community activist.

Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner featured in davey.com, which he founded is one of the oldest and largest hip hop sites. As a writer he has co-written How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office (Soft Skull, 2004) and BAF-Be A Father to Your Child (Soft Skull, 2008). He also contributed to Project Censored Media Democracy in Action-Censored 2004 (Seven Stories Press, 2004).

The writings on his website are frequently referenced and quoted by journalists, scholars and professors and fans around the world. Davey D’s most recent radio effort is Breakdown FM which can be heard through down-loadable podcast, live streaming, radio stations features, and now cell phone outlets. Davey D is the co-founder of the Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition which started out as one of the first Hip Hop radio deejay collectives in the country.

Davey D has been featured in close to 30 documentaries including, Letters to The President, Beef, Thug Angel, Award Winning PBS Rap City Rhapsody and now Ni Wakati (It’s Time). Internationally acclaimed he continues to present at top academic institutions and political, policy and music industry convening worldwide. He is based in Oakland, CA and Austin, TX.

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